If you want an ultra versatile G&L but you are not ready to spend huge Money, this bass is for you. This instrument is built in Korea using the same type of woods and construction as the U.S. series. Actually, it sports the same pickups and electronics as the American L-2000. Great powerful sound. Humbuckers can be wired in parallel (open and articulate) or series (punchier and louder). Passive mode is actually louder than most active basses, active brings in the preamp for a more complex tone and there is even an active with 6dB boost in the high frequencies in case your strings are dead. Bass & Treble are cut only (0 to minus 10). The pickups are so hot, that boosting any frequency could be too much for any amp.




Pots are: Master Volume, Treble Cut, Bass Cut

Miniswitch are:

#1 Pickup selector: Bridge, Neck or Both

#2 Series or Paralell mode

#3 Passive, Active or Active with 6db treble switch.


A really amazing value for money bass if ever there was one!


G&L Tribute-L2000 4 Natural Lefthanded

G&L Tribute-L2000 4 Natural Lefthanded