Windmill JB Custom detras -
Windmill JB Custom detras
Windmill JB Custom pala -
Windmill JB Custom pala

This is a fabulous example of the new Windmill basses for 2006.

Not only has the old "W" logo been replaced for the new signature on the headstock (more stylish); these are completely new and different basses. Wood selection, finish, electronics and hardware are all new and improved.

The good news is that all this comes at the same grat price as before, so now you even get more bass for your Euros.

This is a wonderful 5 string JB custom, along the lines of other "Super Jazz Bass" that are in the market today, but with some special features, such as the drop dead spalted maple top and wood covered pickups.

As always with Windmill, the humbucker comes with a 3 way miniswitch that lets you use it in parallel (pure Musicman), series (Punchier and rockier) and also single coil. These new pickups really sound amazing, and we have to say that the single coil mode is really convincing, so when you mix it with the neck pickup you get a perfect Jazz Bass sound. Talk about verstility!. The active/passive Noll 3 band preamp is transparent and efficient and really complements the sound of the pickups.

It is particularly surprising to find a bass with 24 frets (great access to all of them, by the way) that manages to sound like a Fender or Musicman when asked for.

Only top quality parts are used in this bass, such as the Schaller tuners and the new Windmill bridge (compact, functional and a looker too).

To top it all, the back is also made of spalted maple (see pics), so even if you turn the bass upside down, it is equally impressive.

This might easily be one of the most beautiful, versatile and gig ready basses that we have in stock.

Note: if you want to get a Windmill bass at a sensational price, you can now get one of the last 3 "old" models that still have in stock. Check them out here. 

Windmill JB Custom 5

Windmill JB Custom 5

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