Guitar Day 2010, Full Report

Here’s the full report of the Guitar Day 2010

Our stand was packed with High End basses. 4o basses to be precise. Now, that’s a great red carpet ;-)

Of course all the instruments on display were ready to be tested, so many players got the chance to try and compare different high end basses. Those who know us are aware of our careful customer support and attention to detail, so we just took that approach to the Guitar Day and bassplayers seemed to enjoy that, apart from the basses themselves. We took loads of pictures and also recorded a few clips with some demos at our booth.


Our head is already on the 2011 edition of the Guitar Day ;-)

This is our first time exhibiting at a trade show, so we took some of our best basses there such as Fodera, Alembic, Smith, Sadowsky, Jerzy Drozd, Marleaux, etc., etc.

We took 4 Epifani rigs and these proved to be very effective at amplifiying all these great basses, even under the noise environment of a trade show.


New Stuff

These are the new products that we were showing at the Guitar Day :

- Merlos 4 & 6 string basses: Spanish luthier José Merlos has reached an agreement with for the exclusive distribution of his excellent hand made basses. We had two very nice basses on display. More info bellow.


Merlos 4 string Neck Thru _______2500€

Merlos 6 string Neck Thru _______ 3300€

- Jerzy Drozd Excellency V in Turquoise Green, Yellow and Sunburst (this one in High Gloss). Jerzy wanted to be at the Guitar Day but he couldn’t make it eventually, so he sent 3 amazing basses. If they tell you about a green or yellow bass you’d probably be right to think that it is a risky colour, but these basses were absolutely gorgeous.


Excellency V Yellow ______3700€

Excellency V Turquoise Green ______3700€

Excellency V Sunburst High Gloss ______3800€

- Jerzy Drozd Oracle VI: this is the first production instrument within this new series by Jerzy Drozd, with some really special specs such as: 33″ scale, flat fingerboard, thin frets, glued in neck on a Singlecut design, and a new splittable double coil. Jerzy has designed this bass from scratch to offer a completely different playing experience, and we are happy to report it delivers.


- Marleaux: we got 5 new Marleaux basses just in time for the Guitar Day . The models are: Consat Custom 5, mBass 5, Betra Headless 4, Votan Deluxe Blue 5 and Votan Deluxe Red 5. We also received a Consat Custom 4, but we sold it before the Guitar Day ;-(


Marleaux mBase 5__ 3450€

Marleaux Votan Deluxe Blue __ 2975€

Marleaux Constat Custom Neck Thru 5 __ 3300€

Marleaux Votan Deluxe Red___ 2850€

Marleaux Betra Headless 4 ___ 2750€

- Rickenbacker 4003: as you know, one of the hardest basses to get these days. We had two in the shop, so we decided to take one to the show.


- KSD Burner 6 string: KSD have just released the brand new series of Burner basses, with a design and inspiration taken directly from the USA Smith models. We have received 4, 5 and 6 string models, and chose this 6 string for the show as we think Smith basses are amongst the best 6’s in the market. Prices range between 1200€ and 1500€


KSD Burner 6 _____1500€

- Epifani PS400 & PS1000: these new heads follow the concept of the UL902/502 & PS 600 heads, meaning pure tone, clean power and ultra low noise. The good news is that these new heads are more affordable. Quite lightweight too!


Epifani PS400 ______ 750€

Epifani PS1000 _____ 1100€

- Prat 5 string Neck Thru: Óscar Prat sent this nice 5 string neck thru bass just in time for the Guitar Day. With a collection of great timberwoods, flawless construction and top electronics by Bartolini, this is a gorgeous instrument.


Prat 5 string Neck Thru ____2500€

- David Gage Soundclip: again, we got this just in time for the Guitar Day. We love The Realist pickup for double bass by David Gage, but the new Soundclip represents one step forward in terms of sound and use. The Soundclip, as it name implies, consists of a transducer that clamps to the bridge in 2 seconds, meaning you can travel with it and attach it to the bass at the gig in no time at all. It allows you to find the best spot in your instrument for the best amplified sound. Not only does it sound very natural, but the added weight of the system is also intended to improve the mass at the bridge, eliminating wolf notes, so you can find that the acoustic tone of your upright actually improves when you leave the Soundclip on. The system comes with two weights, one 33.3 grams and one 66,6 grams, so you can experiment with these.


David Gage Soundclip _____ 400€

- Pensa 4 & 5 cuerdas: this is the latest brand that we have incorporated into our selection of exclusive basses. Rudy Pensa has been making amazing guitars and basses for a couple of decades, with bassplayers like Victor Bailey and Richad Bona swearing by their Pensa basses. Here in Spain we have bass extraordinaire Antonio Ramos “Maca” using Pensa too. We agreed on an exclusive distribution of Pensa basses with Rudy in New York a couple of months ago. We have received the first two basses and will get the next 2 very soon. The ones we took to the Guitar Day were a Custom 4 and Custom 5, and both caused a great impression in those who tried them at the show. They are built from selected tonewoods and top of the shelf hardware and electronics and the result is even better than the sum of its parts (you cannot say this often). The special Pensa preamp is a very important part of this. Testers at our booth abolutely loved their feel and sound.


Pensa Custom 4 _____ 3500€

Pensa Custom 5 _____ 3700€


With Rudy Pensa at his new shop in Soho, New York, April 2010


The Booth

Time to check the picutures of our booth:

Rubén Rubio

Rubén is a professional bassplayer who bought one of the first Marleaux basses that we received in the shop several years ago (Straight II model). He absolutely loved its feel, touch, sound , low B and low weight. Later on he was needing a more traditional sounding and feeling bass and we had just received the first Votan model, so he bought one in the spot and is raving about it. Then we decided he’d be our demostrator for Marleaux at trade shows, and this was his first time to do it. Rubén played a few demos at the booth using several Marleaux basses. You can watch the videos bellow. Even with the little video recorder you can feel the great tone of these basses (pay attention to his white Votan).


José Merlos contacted some months ago as he was interested in us testing his basses. We are happy to lend a hand to aspiring luthiers as long as their instruments are good enough, so we asked him to send a bass for a test, and were impressed by the craftsmanship and attention to detail of the 6 string bass he sent. We instantly settled on an exclusive agreement to sell his basses as we feel a luthier should concentrate in building basses, and a shop in selling them. This was clear for both parts, so we hope this is the beginning of a long time relationship. Merlos finished a very nice 4 string just before the show and brought it with him the day before (he also was kind enough to help up set up the booth, THANKS!). People who tried Merlos basses agreed they are perfectly made, sound great and represent excellent value for money. Merlos is a bassplayer too, and you can feel he has designed these from the player’s perspective, solving several design and comfort issues that are not normally addressed. Be ready to see some more Merlos here at soon.


Ramdom pics of bassplayers at our booth testing instruments. We only took a few pictures of these, so if you were there and have some more please send them to:


Here’s a selection of pictures from different stands at the Guitar Day. The man behind this event is called Helio Yago and you can see him behind his impressive Nikon SLR and very expensive lens ;-) We took some pics of some of the basses at the show, like the new top of the line Yamaha BB2024X, the new Gene Simmons signature Cort Axe as well as some heavy BC Rich and nice Schecter basses. The new Weisse Hügel basses were quite interesting, mixing exotic woods and a graphite neck in 4, 5 and 6 string versions, with an original body shape and top hardware and electronics . Eastwood displayed several of their retro designed basses, and Tony Fayós (one of Spain’s best luthiers) had a very nice 1oo% handmade bass at his booth. As for amps, we could see Markbass and Aguilar among others. Yamaha were presenting their 4th edition of the Guitar Hero contest which will include BASS PLAYERS for the first time. Of course are involved in this and you will be able to learn the details in a few weeks.


First a general video with some images of our booth (sorry for the low quality images) booth (Guitar Day in Madrid) from on Vimeo.


We recorded a few demos of Rubén at our Booth using Marelaux basses. Enjoy them! booth (Guitar Day in Madrid). Marleaux Demo 1 from on Vimeo. booth (Guitar Day in Madrid). Marleaux Demo 2 from on Vimeo booth (Guitar Day in Madrid). Marleaux Demo 3 from on Vimeo. booth (Guitar Day in Madrid). Marleaux Demo 4 from on Vimeo. booth (Guitar Day in Madrid). Marleaux Demo 5 from on Vimeo. booth (Guitar Day in Madrid). Marleaux Demo 6 from on Vimeo. booth (Guitar Day in Madrid). Marleaux Demo 7 from on Vimeo.


Here’s one of the bassplayers who tested some of our basses at the booth. Here he is with a Merlos 4 bass booth (Guitar Day in Madrid). Merlos 4 bass from on Vimeo.


We are more than happy to have been a part of the 2010 edition of the Guitar Day in Madrid, so we are already looking forward to being here again next year.

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